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Paving and Seal Coating

Paving The Way For The Cincinnati Area | Professional Paving and Seal Coating


#1 in Asphalt
Paving Experience

At Farmer Contracting, we’re not a newcomer to the surfacing part of the construction industry. We take pride in the experience of our blacktop paving specialists; unlike a lot of paving companies who have started up in the business without adequate training on the machines they operate, our asphalt contractors have miles and miles of roadway under their belts, so to speak.

The Blacktop Professionals

In addition to maintaining state of the art equipment for asphalt paving, patching and sealcoating, we have the most highly trained surfacing professionals in the business, from our seasoned excavation contractors to our parking lot repair crews, we’ll bring your project in within your budget and on your time schedule — and with results that last for years and give you great satisfaction in performance and appearance.

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