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Roofers at Work

New Roof 

One important way we keep roof replacement costs down is by employing roofing professionals who can let you know whether you can avoid replacing the entire roof and have a simple, long-lasting roof repair instead! As new construction roofing contractors, we’ve got teams with the ability to successfully integrate with other contractors on the job, allowing projects to progress more smoothly; and for simple roof leak repairs and re-roofing work on existing homes, our crews can get in and out of a job more quickly than the competition — reducing the amount of interruption in your day to day life in your home or business.

Rain Gutters

We will repair, clean or remove your damaged gutter system & replace with a new one. We can also install new systems on new construction.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
Switching Roofs

Roof Replacement

Many residential roofing contractors will steer their customers toward the type of roof they’re most familiar with, or the brand of roofing material they’re getting the best deal on. We can’t fault them playing to their own strengths, but what makes Farmer Contracting different is that we’ve made sure our installers have the training and experience necessary to offer the widest possible variety of roofing styles and materials to the customer, so each project can be roofed with the material that best suits the home or business itself, and the needs of the home or business owner. Being able to offer more choices to our customers has been one of the best ways to keep them happy, and to help ensure every roof repair or replacement job we do leaves behind not just a great roof, but happy, satisfied people living under it.

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