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For all your residential and commercial siding installation and repair needs — and if it isn’t obvious from our name —

Farmer Contracting is your single-source go-to contractor for the best in business and home siding.

Stone / Brick

For those looking to complete their home siding project with timeless materials, there’s nothing quite like the look of exterior stone and brick; whether your job requires all natural stone or manmade stone materials or a combination of the two, the experienced wall stone professionals at Farmer Contracting can get the job done.



Metal siding is an increasingly popular option for residential and commercial buildings due to the variety of ways it can be used, the ease of installation, and the longevity of the product.  The variety of panel styles has helped drive this trend, matched with metal's longevity and minimal maintenance. As a siding product, metal panels are used in modern, traditional, and even industrial-style designs.


Unlike a lot of stucco companies who have recently moved to the area to take advantage of the increasing popularity of residential and commercial stucco in homes and businesses, we’ve been in the industry since we opened our doors more than 25 years ago.


Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS)

Our EIFS certifications include Dryvit, Sto (StoTherm and StoTherm NExT), Senergy and Magna Wall, among others. For both traditional stucco insulation and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) installation and repair you want to choose the stucco contractors who have established experience and reputation in both commercial and residential stucco.

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