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Gregory Lacono...

We replaced our roof using Farmer Contracting and I wanted to leave some nice Feedback an a Testimonial for them as they did a very nice job! From start to finish everyone we dealt with was very professional and also very friendly. The price they quoted was almost exactly what they said (thank goodness) and they took care of it on the exact dates that they promised.

Michael Gibson...

I needed a new roof on my rental property and shopped around for quite awhile about who I could get to do it. I’m so glad I found these guys and read up on their reviews. They did the whole job within budget and under the quoted time. I love the service and quality these guys put forth and will definitely use them again!

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Shea Lindsey...

I hired Farmer Contracting to repaint the interiors of my house, and remove that dreaded popcorn ceiling! They really do phenomenal work. They carefully taped everything off, covered my furniture and got to work. The workers were very nice. All in all I would hire them again. They were pretty quick, even though they repainted every room.

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